Ain’t Worth Shit….

Why the fuck do men think that they can get any woman they want?

Who the hell tells them these lies?

Don’t they secretly know that they are fuckboys?????

Some men are purely fucked up- plain and simple. They haven’t learned how to cherish a woman because it’s simple- they NEVER had one until you came along.

You were the fucking guinea pig- you were the one to teach them everything- they realized that a relationship is NOT like the the fucking Titanic, Notebook or Love & Basketball. Everything isn’t always butterflies and roses (I’m sure you know this shit).You have to give a relationship your all and fucking work for it. You have to water your grass- and continue to water it, plant seeds- give it time to grow organically. Guys who don’t understand that at age 30+ are late bloomers- avoid these fuckboys at all costs.

They haven’t “come in their own” because their whole life they were fucking fat- couldn’t get a girl- unless it was a one night stand and the bitch had low self esteem.

Peter (a guy that I know) was overweight from middle school through college. He was loved on the college campus by everyone (that’s how we became friends). He was light skinned, tall, funny BUT he had bad acne. He pledged- because he was in search of being LOVED and wanted by someone. He got the hoes, THOTS and cougars. But no one else wanted him. He was fucking dissed by a girl who turned out to be a lesbian after he told her that he might love her. The only thing he had going for him was the fact that he was decent at dancing and had a degree.

He ended up getting closer to Savea (weird name I know). They talked, got to know each other and ended up dating. The first date was horrid- they went to the movies and McDonalds for dinner. Who the fuck does that?!??!?!?! A cheap bastard who doesn’t know how to impress ANBODY. Not to mention he fucking chewed his chicken tenders with his mouth open – smacking! So fucking nasty! From what I was told by Savea, he looked like a horse – a couple of his pimples looked like they would pop at any moment. But Savea liked him so much as a friend, she didn’t end the date. After McDonalds she asked to be driven back to her car – he just jumped in the car with her and pulled out his crayon dick.

Yes men- woman talk about your dick- the size, the strength behind it, the stamina YOU have, the thickness, the taste, the circumference – we lay it out all on the damn table.

Savea thought “what the fuck am I going to do with this shit?!”

Peter said “you’re going to let this hard dick go to waste- can you help me out?”

Savea said “what dick? I see a fucking kids magic marker”

Peter said “I’ll show you the magic behind it”

Once again- because Savea liked Peter- she thought I’ll just suck it and then send him on his way, break up with him tomorrow. That’s what she did- he lasted 2 minutes- and it was over.

Later when she got home, Peter text her and said he was self conscious about his dick and wanted to make sure she was ok with it. She told him- sure it’s ok, I didn’t get to really test it, but it will do, I guess.

Fast forward 5 years- they were on the path to possible engagement- Savea finds out that this fuck boy named Peter has fucking emotionally and physically cheated on her.

What’s the first thing that comes to her mind?

He’s a fuckboy with a small ass crayon dick that can’t hold his cum for shit. He has a fucking crater face like a teenage boy, he’s a reject, he’s fatherless (yep he has daddy issues), he has man boobs, he eats food like a cow, his feet smell like horse shit, he wears Lifestyle condoms, he will never get a bad bitch like her , he fucks off beat AND lastly he’s a broke ass little bitch!

Fuckboy = NOT worth your damn time!











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