Take IT

Do you get uneasy when looking in the mirror?

You look at your imperfections- and wonder how you “let yourself go”? Or why does this man like me…my legs are thick, my eyes are crisscrossed, I’m not sexy…. JUST STOP IT!

Men are so unlikely to notice your flaws- especially in the heat of the moment!

That means you IGNORE THEM- since men do!

The first step to having AMAZING sex is- feeling comfortable with yourself so that you can explore and become open to trying new stuff.

Since that’s out of the way, let’s get to the juicy raw details….

Men LOVE to be teased- they love to have their balls played with and sucked. BUT you can’t only suck them- you MUST play with them- play with them while stroking his dick with your tongue- try looking at him while doing it. Yea, that may seem awkward but the look of satisfaction is guaranteed. Grab his balls (gently) and move them around (juggle them)- talk shit to him!

“Babe..you don’t know how to put it down- so I’m gonna show ya”

Spit on his shit…

Sometimes giving a man head will get you off…and you’ll start moaning- if so, moan on his dick (that feeling is fucking amazing).

Be prepared for mind-blowing sex! You’ll thank me later!




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